In 2005 my sweet husband stood in line at a local camera shop to score on a black friday deal. He surprised me that Christmas with my first point and shoot camera, a Nikon Coolpix. I was in love! If you had told me then that 10 years later I was going to be photographer, I would have laughed. Art was not a gift of mine back then...I would even say, it's not so much of a gift now.  It wasn't until my sweet baby girl was born that I knew I needed to hold on to every memory I had with her, let's be real, my mind isn't so good at remembering the small things these days.

As time went on, I realized, though I may not be an artist, I do know how to capture moments...and so my photography journey began.  I cherish so badly those moments with my children and husband, that I want to capture moments that you can cherish and hold on to.  Whether it be the tiny details at your wedding that you worked hours and hours on, or your sons hair that's maybe a little too long and blows wildly in the wind, or the way he looks at you so madly in love , my desire is to get to know you long enough to start noticing those details and capture them for you in the most beautiful and simple way.  Life is such an adventure, i'd love to tag along with you for a while!  



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embrace life & cherish adventure